Goodbye 2017, HELLO 2018, & Welcome Friends!

To old friends and new,

Happy New Year, and welcome to and The Young Diaries! This is such an exciting day for us as a company, and me personally, and I am so glad to be finally sharing this day with you all!

I have to say that 2017 was overall a pretty amazing year for us. In terms of our family, our big girl entered kindergarten, we traveled a lot, took many road trips, spent a lot of time at the beach, worked on many long overdue house projects, and shared many good times with friends and family. In terms of our (my) business baby, we grew, learned a ton, and made many exciting plans for the future--two of those plans were launching our own website and blog.

Honestly, one of the hardest things about growing this business has been the fact that it can be really difficult to find us. Now, with our own website, you can finally type in and not only find us, but actually shop through the website!!! What a concept, haha. I have spent many hours curating this website--learning, researching, editing, and repeating. I hope you all like it!

Additionally, I have always loved to write, but I have always felt nervous to put myself out there in the way of a personal blog. It is a very vulnerable thing to do. However, throughout the past year, I kept finding myself wanting to write unusually long social media posts, and I finally thought that maybe it was time to venture into blog life. My hopes for the The Young Diaries are simple. I want to create a  space where we can share our experiences together--parenthood, travel adventures, personal triumphs as well as struggles, the humors of life, and of course shop updates and stories.

I can't promise to make the world a better place here, but I can promise that I will always be candid, honest, and real with you. I believe that we can learn from each other, help one-another, and share a bit of laughter along the way. So here it goes...

In 2018, my goals (both personally and business-wise) are:

To hold a brand rep search, start an accessories line within Young Apparel Co., set up shop with some local vendors, do more collaborations, exercise more, de-clutter my home (a continuous project), try a new hobby, camp more, continue to travel, and spend lots and lots of time with family and friends.

With that said, please, I would love to hear your feedback, your thoughts, your goals!

Thank You from the bottom of my heart for taking this journey with me. It really means so much! I am looking froward to what 2018 has to offer and what we all can accomplish together--whether it be helping a friend in need or someone less fortunate, sharing parenting tips, creating something new together, or sharing some laughs. Let's do this 2018!

Until next time...

Sarah Young





  • I love my custom hoodie that I got for Christmas. It is super soft and cozy. And the custom designed logo you came up with for my Adventuring activity is fantastic. I am loookin4ward to reading more of your blogs. You are doing an awesome job.

    Steve schrell
  • Congratulations on your new blogging venture. I always enjoy your posts and look forward to your blog. You’re a natural!!


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