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2020 and Our Fall/ Winter Collection

We all know that 2020 has basically been one giant dumpster fire after another. I mean honestly, after each turn for the worse, did you ever sit there and think, "Well, this has to be the end right?" No, not the end of the world; we aren't that pessimistic, but more like the end of the bad news, the restrictions, the hatred, the slander, the illness, the death, the destruction. But if you dared to read the news each morning, there just hasn't been a whole lot of light in the world this year. This isn't anything new. I know this. But what I want to say is this: It is possible to make each day better by gaining some perspective, thinking positively, and having even just a little bit of hope that the next day will be a better one. And that in itself can be inspiring! 

(Photo of what our quarantine looked like back in April)

I really think that perspective is huge; and our children don't have the worldly experience to gain it on their own yet. So it is up to us as parents and educators to help them see the world in all of its hugeness and complexity. For example, we may be in the middle of a pandemic, but it is not just our family being affected; it is the entire world! Our daily lives may be restricted like never before, but it could always be worse. Think of where you live...your home, your neighborhood, your community, your health...if you have safety in these things, be thankful you aren't in a worse off situation like many millions of people across the globe. There are a lot of things about this word that we can't change, but we are capable of changing the way we think and and we are capable of changing our actions accordingly. Perspective is a choice. Respect is a choice. Kindness is a choice. Empathy is a choice. And you know what? These things are also learned. So the next time your child is having a rough day, try to take a moment to share some perspective. Have a conversation. I know its easier to see the negatives sometimes--especially now--but that is not how we are going to get through this together and alive! 

(My kids doing zoom PE in my office-making it work)

So with that said, our Fall/Winter Collection is probably the most personal collection of designs that I have ever made. Just like most people over the last eight months, I have had a lot of ups and downs. Finding inspiration has felt almost impossible, and I couldn't muster the strength to fake it even if I wanted to. When I come up with designs, they really come from the heart, a strong feeling, or even better, a comedic moment with my family; and 2020 just hasn't been one for the books when it comes to inspiring moments. So what changed?

Every time something made me happy, I started writing it down. Every time I felt passionate about something, I wrote it down. Within days of doing this, I discovered the following things:

1.) My perspective could in fact be changed by focusing on the good.

2.) I could turn my frustrations into passions, and I could turn those passions into art and something positive to share.

I have always been passionate about our environment. My family and I love to travel, and experiencing what this wonderful planet has to offer has allowed me to see the world in many different lights. We love sharing those experiences with our children, and I want so badly for them to be able to continue their own explorations long into their old age should they chose. I hate to think about the destruction of our planet, and the fact that the world will be a very different place for our future generations if we don't listen to science and act with passion. I have always loved designing around nature and exploration, but my passion for saving our environment and science is more transparent in this new collection.

(Hand Dyed You Melt Me Tee)

RBG makes an appearance in this new collection as well. If you've been around for a while, then you know how much I support Girl Power and equality. Ruth Bader Ginsburg was a trail blazer of gigantic proportions, and her strength, determination, and grace always left me inspired. I cried when she passed. It seems strange to cry for the passing of someone you have never met, but she was truly an inspiration to so many girls and women in this country. It is ok to stand up for what's right, and it is ok to respectfully disagree.

(RBG I Dissent Sweatshirt)

Lastly, this collection is fun, it's comfy, and it's relatable. From mom life, wild life, coffee, sugar, dinosaurs, and everything in between, I really hope you like this collection as much as we do. Hugs to you all! Hang in there, and stay positive!

XOXO Sarah Young


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